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Casagrande Spa, New C6T XP-2 for Tunneling

The Casagrande C6T XP-2 is a crawler drill designed for the added complications of drilling in a tunnel. A specially designed Patented "forepoling" mast allows the machine to approach the drilling surface from the front in arc, with horizontal reach drilling up to 6m from ground level and maximum incline drilling at 25 degrees, the C6T XP-2 is ideal for drilling and grouting a headed tunnel face. Powered a Diesel engine for positioning and tracking, and an AC electric power plant for drilling operations, the machine has very little exhaust emissions.

The C6XP-2 platform with the C6T XP-2 mast configuration and powerplant is just another reason why the Casagrande C6 series of machines continue to push the boundaries of what is possible at the forefront of drilling technology.

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