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HBR204GT is a smaller & lighter powerful geothermal drilling rig
  • 168 kW

    Engine Power

  • 200 kN

    Extraction Force

  • 200 kN

    Crowd Force

  • 55000 Nm

    Rotary Head Torque

  • 6700

    Stroke of Rotary

  • 324-880

    Clamp Diameters

  • 55 RPM

    Rotary Head Max Drilling Speed

  • 18 T

    Operating Weight

  • 2400 MM

    Width Of Crawer

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Hütte HBR 204 is a hydraulic drill rig for geothermal drilling. It was developed from the Historical design of the HBR 205 GT to ensure Hütte costumers high efficiency and productivity levels on site in a smaller and lighter package. The HBR 204 has the same maximum rotary head torque as the HBR 205 and powerful crowd and extraction force; the drilling mast and the rotary head stroke of the HBR 204 were engineered to carry as much auger as possible.

Our drilling equipment represents the best geotechnical engineering solution for geothermal drilling, combining years of experience and a continuous technological research in the drilling field: we strongly believe in the essential importance of developing an an efficient method for deep geotechnical investigation. Thus, the HBR 204, available in hydraulic and full radio-controlled version, was specifically designed for geotechnical drilling.
Hütte HBR 204 can be tailored to any costumer need or geological conditions: a wide range of rotary heads and drilling tools are available to extend the applications of Hütte soil drilling equipment.


Hütte rotary heads are designed to be robust and powerful. They are built for heavy duty drilling work.

A variety of  rotary heads in different output ranges is available for different applications.

Main advantage:

  • Wide range of torque
  • Flexibility: can be mounted to any leader of suitable strength
  • Available for a wide range of drilling works
  • Very robust and extremely reliable
  • Variable speed and torque


Heavy duty modular mast is designed to offer the best drilling experience:

  • high extraction and crowd force
  • best-performing speed.

Different settings according to the requirement of the job site or of the operator’s requests are available.


Hütte Clamps are designed to be robust and powerful. They are built for heavy duty drilling work


Hütte machines with crawler undercarriages show their advantages on inadequately paved and yielding surfaces.

Powerful crawler machines built by Hütte can handle extremely heavy loads in swift maneuvers: they guarantee high stability on every surface.


Finally, both robustness and electronic engine management have been: they guarantee fast drilling progress and precise drilling results

  • Highest performance even under continuously extreme conditions
  • Low operational costs through low fuel consumption and long maintenance intervals
  • Worldwide maintenance service

Technical Data

Engine power 209 kW / 280 HP
Width of crawler 2400 mm / 7.9 ft


Extraction force 200 kN / 44,960 lbf
Crowd force 200 kN / 44,960 lbf
Working extraction speed 4 m/min / 13 ft/min
Fast extraction speed 20 m/min / 65 ft/min


Diameters 196÷660 mm | 324÷880 mm / 67÷254 in | 2.6÷10 in


Weight in working condition 20000 kg / 44,000 lbs

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