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PG185 XP-2

Casagrande PG185 XP-2 crawler drill tunnelling machine
  • 186 kW

    Engine Power

  • 80 kN

    Extraction Force

  • 44-50 T

    Operating Weight

  • 2460 MM

    Width Of Crawer

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Specific equipment for fore poling in tunnel works prompted Casagrande, in co-operation with specialist contractors, to design and develop machinery that would enable perfectly aligned holes to be drilled quickly and economically.

The machines were designed based on mounting on a highly maneuverable hydraulic base carrier, a long, horizontal mast, supported by two telescopic columns that would permit the angle of inclination of the mast to be set to the alignment of the tunnel.

The two telescopic columns are mounted to ring gears that permit the rotation of the mast by 180°.


Technical Data
Stroke of rotary head 19000 mm (62.3 ft)
Diameters 40 ÷ 254 mm (1.6 ÷ 10 in)
Rotary head
Torque 15210 Nm (11,218 lbf/ft)
Drilling speed 400 rpm
Weight in working condition 45000 kg (99,200 lbs)

Optional Equipment


  • Other rotary heads available:
  • Drifter T40
  • Jet system
  • 2-rod loader, rods max ø 140 mm, max. lenght 8000 mm
  • Spike driver (max 2 spikers)
  • Increased stabilizers, Stroke 2000 mm, max. lifting 1500 mm
  • Double head
  • 5 m latticed extension for jet
  • Sliding extension 6.5 m for jet
  • Water pump
  • Foam pumps
  • Line lubricators
  • Drive units
  • Chuck P114
  • Sliding of clamps group, max. sliding 600 mm
  • Mobile elevating working platform
  • Dual motor equipment
  • Cable reel

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