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HD Engineering HD70R crawler drill, a powerful fixed undercarriage unit to serve the rotary and percussive drilling of anchors or piles
  • 52 kW

    Engine Power

  • 51 kN

    Extraction Force

  • 125 RPM

    Rotary Head Speed

  • 27 kN

    Crowd Force

  • 8500 Nm

    Rotary Head Torque

  • 8 T

    Operating Weight

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  • HD Engineering HD70R

The HD70R range of machine are powerful fixed undercarriage type units that serve the niche of rotary and percussive drilling for vertical and slightly inclined holes. They can be outfitted with onboard accessories such as freefall winches and flushing pumps, making them fully self contained mobile drills. A choice of masts with pullback capacities and the high-torque rotator (with max. 1500 kgm torque can be provided to suit most applications.

HD50K-S Technical Specifications

Drive HATZ Diesel Engine, Silent Pack 4L42C
43.5 kW (59HP) at 2600 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity 105 l (27.7 gal)

Hydraulic System
Hydraulic System Tandem Gear Pump
Max. Pressure 240 Bar, Max.
Q1 = 67 l/min, Max.
Q2 = 42 l/min, Max.
Q3 = 21 l/min, Max.
Q4 = 12 l/min
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 120 l (32 gal)

Mast and Feed Assembly
Mast Length 5,660 mm (18.6 ft)
Stroke Length 4,100 mm (13.5 ft)
Feed Force 7,000 kg (15,400 lb)
Pullback Force 7,000 kg (15,400 lb)
Feed Speed 0.29 m/s (57 ft/min)
Retract Speed 0.29 m/s (57 ft/min)

Rotary Head
Model HR1100, Max.
Rotary Speed 90 rpm, Max.
Torque 10,000 Nm (7,260

Max. Line Pull 1,120 kg (2,464 lb),
Max. Speed 28.9 m/min (94.8 ft.min)

Model MOD176,
Max. Clamping Dia. 273mm (10.75”),
Clamping Force 19,200 k C (42,240 lb)

Undercarriage and Transportation
Crawler Undercarriage
Rubber Track
Ground Pressure 0.91 kg/cm2 (13.0 psi),
Travelling Speed 0-1.3 km/h (0-0.8 mph),
Climbing Ability 30°

Transportation Dimensions (While Mast Down to Horizontal)
Length 6,300 mm (20.7 ft),
Width 1,024 mm (3.4 ft),
Height 2,650 mm (8.7 ft)

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