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C5 XP-2

The Casagrande C5 XP-2 multipurpose Drilling Rig for anchors and micropiles, with “Front The Wall” joint. Works in narrow spaces such as tunnels or inside buildings.
  • 111 kW

    Engine Power

  • 50 kN

    Extraction Force

  • 9 T

    Operating Weight

  • 1800 MM

    Width Of Crawer

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The C5 XP-2 represents the joint venture of 60 years of Casagrande’s experience in the field of drilling, together with the innovation a feature, which characterized the long history of company’s successes.

The C5R XP-2 is the multipurpose drill rig designed by Casagrande to perform projects in the field of foundation drilling, specifically for constructing anchors and micropiles.

The SPM – Smart Power Management – and the full load sensing hydraulic system allow an intelligent engine power management to improve performance of the machinery and reduce fuel consumption.

The crawler rig is equipped with modular mast, articulation with “Front of The Wall” joint. It is such small and easy-to-use so that it can work in narrow spaces such as tunnels or inside buildings. The new C5 XP-2 is a compact crawler drill rig, easy to truck and manoeuvre thanks to the ergonomic remote control.


The Smart Power Management (SPM) is an intelligent engine power management system that improves performances and productivity of the machinery. The SPM system monitors the momentary power flows and immediately allocates the available power to the different jobs, so the operation function has always the maximum power available.


The C5R XP-2 has a very low sound emission level as a result of the of sound-absorbing materials and smart oil heat exchangers where fan speed is related to the oil temperature reducing fuel consumption and the overall noise level. The layout of the machine and the wide openings of the canopy offer comfortable and easy access for inspection and maintenance. The machine conforms to the last international standards to guarantee the maximum safety of the operations.


The XP hydraulic power system uses the Full Load Sensing (FLS) technology. Unlike the common hydraulic managing systems, the FLS pressurizes only the required amount of oil requested by users thanks to the feedback between pumps and distributors. It allows to manage the power demands and reduces dissipations, achieving up to the 25% of fuel saving (calculated on the basis of a theoretical working cycle).


The XP-2 control system offers the following advantages for the operator and the supervision of the work: monitoring of all working function, diagnostic of the working systems to ensure the constant monitoring of the status of sensors and components, easy conversion in any drilling arrangement, friendly customization of working functions e.g. mappings of torque and speed for EP rotary head, remote rigs assistance, diagnostic, monitoring of working parameters with the new Casagrande FleetMaster online platform.

Technical Data

Engine power 111 kW
Width of crawler 1800 mm


Stroke of rotary head 1640 ÷ 3640 mm
Extraction force 50 kN
Crowd force 50 kN


Diameters 60 ÷ 305 mm


Torque 15210 Nm
Max. Drilling speed 400 rpm


Weight in working condition 9000 kg

Front the wall Kinematic

The key feature of the C5XP-2 is the joint system, engineered to support all stresses and to be operated within the most demanding conditions. Through the control panel, the machine can be moved +/- 95°. Thanks to its joints system, the C5XP-2 is a fast machine to operate and very easy to use with total flexibility. The joints system of the C5XP-2 allows reaching the most extreme spots and can easily work in narrow spaces such as tunnels or inside buildings


  • Other rotary heads available
  • Drifter T40 (Back Device)
  • Rotary head side movement
  • Rotary head double feed speed
  • Balancing kit – crowd/drilling feed
  • Auxiliary winch with rope Max line pull 900 kg
  • Cathead for auxiliary winch
  • Flushing pump-Water pump: GAMMA 62 (60 l/min max – 50 bar max) GAMMA 202 (200 l/min max – 60 bar max)
  • Pump CC30/20S Foam: (30 l/min max – 50 bar max) High pressure: (30 l/min max – 200 bar max)
  • Mud pump NG 530 L (170 l/min max – 24 bar max)
  • Lubricator for down-the-hole hammer 8,5 l
  • Electric fuel pump
  • Oscillating tracks +14° / -16°
  • Cable remote control for tracking
  • Radio remote control for tracking
  • Additional sound proofing baffles
  • Safeguards according to EN 16228
  • Casagrande FleetMaster remote rig control and monitoring via internet

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