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Rock Augers – Without Pilot

Casagrande rock auger tools without pilot
  • 520 - 2500 MM

    Rotary Diameter

  • 160 kNm

    Rotary Head Torque

Casagrande Rock Auger Tools - without pilot

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  • Casagrande Rock Augers - without pilot
  • Gold Standard Rock Auger - without pilot

Casagrande production includes a wide range of augers for drilling layers of dry soil and rock in order to meet the requirements of different piles diameter.

Their shape can be straight or conical and they are designed in two different ways:

. Single start cutting edge: suitable for drilling soils in presence of water and rock layers up to diameter 1000 mm. They are particularly indicated in case of casings application
. Double start cutting edge: suitable for rock layers and bored pile over diameter 1000 mm Conical auger is used for drilling very hard rock formations.

Flights increase diameter gradually as a spiral and round shank chisels are placed along the borderline up to the cutting edge. So that rock formation can be ripped progressively with excellent results All augers have central pipe diameter and thickness together with flights pitch and thickness designed accordingly with XP rotary torque and gravel compressive strength. All flights thickness are provided with special wear protection HB 600/900.

They can be supplied with different type of Teeth and Round Shank Chisel accordingly with soil and rock hardness. Not only, their number and inclination are obtained trough a special software capable to guarantee high productivity.

Augers diameters match perfectly Casagrande casings in both alternatives: Screw and Labyrinth types. Their dimensions can be changed on Client needs and they are available on request. The weights are approximate values

Gold Standard
Central Pipe – Made of steel ASTM 516/70 – Ø = 159/203 mm – Thickness = 25/30 mm
Flights Made of steel ASTM 516/70 – Thickness = 30/40 mm – Pitch = 300/600 mm – Tung Studs HB 900
Blades In Hardox HB 400 – Thickness = 70 mm
Equipment Betek round shank chisel Ø 30/38 mm
Collar plates equipped with Betek round shank chisel Ø 30/38 mm
Kelly box 130×130 mm / 200×200 mm made of heat-treated cast steel


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