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STA 20M3

  • 6000 KG


  • 400AC kW

    Driven Power

  • 30 kW

    Power Consumption

  • 20 m3/H

    Maximum Capacity

  • 1200 L

    Mixer Capacity

  • 15 kW

    Mixer Power

  • 2400 L

    Agitator Capacity

  • 3 kW

    Agitator Power

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STA – Is an Italian manufacturer of Grout Pumps, Mixing and Batching Plants, Storage and Feeding Silos and Vibro floatation piling equipment.


The STA 20M3 is a 20 cubic meter per hour mixing and batching plant for the production of grout, bentonite and drilling fluids.

STA uses modern mixing techniques, Colloidal Pump Mixing, Automated feed and batch control and pump control.

Hourly Mix Capacity  20 m3/hour

Total Electric Power 30 kW

Complete Containerised Mixing plant with electronic weighting system, 20 formula and 10 components plus storage.  Automatic and manual management.


Turbo Mixer

Electric Motor 11-15 kW

Useful Capacity 1200 litres

Rotational Speed 1450 rpm

Internal Flow Rate 1800 ltr/min


Electric Motor 3 kW

Useful Capacity 2400 litres

Rotational Speed 37 rpm

Water Tank Capacity 1400 litres


Width 2450 mm

Length 6055 mm

Height 2590 mm

Weight 6000 kg

  • Instrumentation and electronic batch and mix control
  • Horizontal Silo and feed
  • Vertical silo and feed
  • Additional storage
  • Additional pumps for grout supply

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