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Hutte HBR203-3 crawler drilling rig
  • 6.7 - 3.5 t


  • 100 kW

    Engine Power

  • 20 KNm


  • 50 kN

    Extraction Force

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  • Hutte HBR203-2 Crawler Drill
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Hutte Bohrtechnik’ s compact class drill rig HBR 203-3, with separate  power pack, was designed to fulfil clients’ need for small drill rigs for large-diameter bores. The drilling rig is especially suited for difficult drilling conditions in confined and limited areas, which require particularly compact and mobile equipment.. At the same time the HBR 203 is able to drill big diameters.
The compact-class Hütte drill rig HBR 203-3 is a self-contained, fully hydraulic crawler drill rig, which features a compact and robust design, simple controls, as well as high efficiency. The machine  incorporates the latest diesel technology and provides a modern and operator-friendly hydraulic system.

The rig is fully radio-controlled which makes operations from various positions possible and offers control over the drill rigs according to the lasts safety requirements.

Drill rigs are equipped with telescopic undercarriages that can be extended from 740 mm to 1,200 mm as well as a telescopic drill mast.  Together with the powerful rotary heads type T14-T20 and HG13-HG20, very compact and powerful.   The Hütte HBR203-3 is suitable for small to large-diameter surface drilling jobs, which require high torques or fast drilling speeds.

Rotary Head

HUtte rotary heads are designed to be robust and powerful. They are built for heavy duty drilling work. A variety of rotary heads in different output ranges is available for different applications. Main advantages:

Wide range of torque
Flexibility: can be mounted to any leader of suitable strength
Available for a wide range of drilling works
Very robust and extremely reliable
Variable speed and torque

Heavy duty modular mast is designed to offer the best drilling experience with exceptional confined access articulation.
high extraction and crowd force
best-performing speed.
Different settings according to the requirement of the job site or of the operator’s requests are available

Hütte CLAMPS are designed to be robust and powerful. They are built for heavy duty drilling work.

Hütte machines with crawler undercarriages show their advantages on inadequately paved and yielding surfaces. Powerful crawler machines built by Hütte can handle extremely heavy loads in swift manoeuvres: they guarantee high stability on every surface.

Finally, both robust and electronic managed engines have been fitted: they guarantee fast drilling progress and precise drilling results.

Highest performance even under continuously extreme conditions
Low operational costs through low fuel consumption and long maintenance intervals
Worldwide maintenance service

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