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Crawler-mounted concrete pump SEBHSA BD-3907.OR
  • 129 kW

    Engine Power

  • 70 Bar

    Operating Pressure

  • 200mm Dia x 1400mm

    Piston Stroke/Type

  • 90 m3/H

    Maximum Capacity

Crawler Mounted Concrete Pump

  • About

Highly flexible and self-propelled by its steel tracks, the crawler-mounted concrete pump SEBHSA BD- 3907.OR is perfect for any kind of construction, civil or foundation works. Its slim and compact design makes it ideal for any piling or ground improvement projects in restricted spaces or with narrow access such as city centre and building restorations or Metro projects. Moreover though, offering an impressive production capacity of 90 m³/h or 70 bar, driven by an efficient and clean engine, the crawler-mounted concrete pump SEBHSA BD-3907,OR is easy to use and maintain, making it the pump of choice for any projects demanding small to medium size CMC (Controlled Modulus Columns), Rigid Inclusion, CFA (Continuous Flight Auger piles) or similar auger cast or displacement piles.

Compactly designed for jobs in restricted spaces or with narrow access such as city centre restorations, the SEBHSA BD-3907.OR offers an impressive capacity:

Maximum concrete output: 90 m³/h
Maximum concrete pressure: 70 bar

Key features
  • Mounted on steel tracks with rubber pads optional.
  • Operating completely hydraulic – mechanical in open hydraulic circuit supported by accumulator.
  • Extra big Hopper, water tank and hydraulic oil tank capacity.
  • Equipped and accessorised to the individual needs and demands of each client.

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