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KHD – B200 XP-2

  • 246 kW

    Engine Power

  • 80 M

    Excavation Depth

  • 420-1500 MM

    Width of Trench

  • 2200-3200 MM

    Length of Trench

  • 180

    Kelly Rotation

  • 90 T

    Operating Weight

  • B200 XP-2

    Base Carrier

  • About
  • Technical Details
  • Optional Equipment

The new Casagrande KHD System is a piece of equipment dedicated to the construction of diaphragm walls. It is the result of research and innovation based on over 50 years of experience and success of the company in the field of foundations and geotechnical

Thanks to the compact design, and the rotation system, the KHD System is ideal for use in narrow spaces and to make diaphragm walls with different alignments. Furthermore the modularity of the boom makes it possible to pass and build diaphragm walls even below existing structures engineering.

The heavy weight and the clamping force of the hydraulic bucket, the use of a quick free fall winch and the considerable power supplied by the diesel engine of the equipment allow you to successfully build the diaphragm walls even on difficult ground.

The design of KHD System makes it easy to use and comfortable for the operator. The XP series control systems and the precise instruments efficiently govern all machine functions and excavation operations.

KHD – B200XP-2

Depth 80 m
Lenght 2200÷3200 mm
Width 420÷1500 mm
Weight ~ 90000 kg
Line pull on 1st layer nominal/effective
250 / 200 kN
Base Carrier
Engine Power 246 kW

Verticality Monitoring System

The instrumentation records verticality deviations to an accuracy of less than 0,1%. The DIALOG monitoring system includes a depth sensor on the winch and a NEMO sensor fi tted on the grab. The NEMO measures verticality along the X and Y axis (via 2 inclinometers) and rotation along the Z axis (via gyroscope). The sensors transmit their measurements to the DIALOG which displays the trajectory followed by the grab in all three axis. The data is stored for downloading and post processing.]

Optional Equipment


  • Lateral catwalks and handrails
  • Railings on upper structure
  • Water pre-heating system for starting engine at low temperatures
  • Automatic centralized greasing system
  • Cable remote control for tracking
  • Video unit with two cameras and one 7” monitor to control winche and the rear of the machine
  • Automatic self-alignment on excavating axis
  • Casagrande FleetMaster remote rig control and monitoring via internet
  • Transport kit according to required transport confi guration


  • Hose handling system for depth up to 80 m
  • Low headroom arrangement
  • Instrument for measuring, displaying and recording of excavation parameters. Complete with software for processing data on a PC.
  • Steerinig fl aps for verticality adjustment
  • Additional grab weight up to 4500 kg
  • Grab body extension
  • Sheet pile guides
  • Transport kit

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