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Speciality Tools

Casagrande speciality tools for piling

Cleaning Buckets, Belling Buckets & Core Barrels Cross/Roller

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  • Cleaning Buckets
  • Belling Bucket
  • Core Barrels Cross / Roller

· For cleaning the bottom of pile in soil stratification with Hardness > 12.5 MPa


For projects that require enlarged pile bases in cohesive materials these tools called Belling Buckets are designed for the use with high torque drilling rigs. The usual finished angle of bell is 60° and the standard increase of diameter is about 2 times the shaft diameter. A vertical sliding yoke is mounted inside of the bucket. By transmitting a positive crowd force onto the yoke with the Kelly bar, leverage and torque are transmitted to 2 steel arms. These arms are pin jointed and carry drilling teeth. The spoil falls into the open shell of the bucket.
When extracting the tool from the bore hole, the upward movement of the Kelly bar transmits the pull onto the yoke and the cutting arms are closed. The dumping of spoil is by manually operated bottom gate.

Core Barrel (Cross)
· Suitable for drilling in soil stratification with hardness range of 50 – 100 MPa
· Cross Core Barrel is used to break rock cores which remain in the borehole after using a standard core barrel.
· The core is broken with round shank chisels and the related broken parts are collected and removed with rock buckets.

Core Barrel (Roller)
· Suitable for drilling in soil stratification with Hardness > 100 MPa
· Special roller bits cut the annular slot for a width of 200 / 300 mm making the rock fractured in many chippings
· The centre core can be broken using chisel, rock auger or Cross Core Barrel.
· Rock Bucket is recommended to collect and remove all broken rock parts from the pile



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