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DH 4

  • 2.1 KNm


  • 215 KG


  • 184 RPM

    Rotary Head Max Drilling Speed

  • 50 LPM

    Rotary Hydraulic Flow

  • 200 Bar

    Rotary Hydraulic Pressure

  • 40 LPM

    Precussive Oil Flow

  • 180 Bar

    Precussive Pressure

  • 192 kNm

    Max Speed Casing Head

  • 5 kNm

    Max Torque Casing Head

  • 100 LPM

    Casing Head Hydraulic Flow

  • 200 Bar

    Casing Head Hydraulic Pressure

  • 180 N

    Precussive/Vibro Force

  • 3000/ BPM/Hz




EURODRILL Double Head Drilling Systems stand out for their combined and very compact design for the shortest installation length. All double head units primarily consist of approved single heads out of the wide and comprising EURODRILL product range.


  • X-Factor – Possible flexible options with the same basic gearbox through integration of the X-Series
  • Combined design requires only small room and optimal use of existing narrow rooms to produce geothermal and overburden drilling
  • Counterclockwise operation of the gears for casing and inner rod guarantees an enormous drilling progress and a great precision
  • Integrated sliding cylinder for relativ adjustment of the casing to the inner rod
  • Compatible to drill rigs of all manufacturers for different applications and requirements

A rotary drive basically consists of two main groups

Drill Head 1

The rotary mechanism ensures the rotational movement of the casing.

Drill Head 2

The rotary mechanism ensures the rotational movement of the inner rod.


  • Hydraulic, electric or manual shifting
  • Mounting plates
  • Floating spindle
  • Percussion unit type 10
  • Drilling accessories

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