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Mounty 90L Portable Mast

Mounty 90L portable base plate mount drill mast
  • >0.045 t


  • 9 KNm


  • 9 kN

    Extraction Force

  • 9 kN

    Crowd Force

  • Air LPM

    Oil Requirements

  • Air Bar

    Operating Pressure

  • 350 N

    Precussive Force


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  • Mounty 90L Portable Chain Feed
  • Mounty 90L Specification

The problem of installing protection devices was presented to Lumesa SA. Previously, these structures were carried out with tracked
machines. As these were not always sufficient, a portable machine was designed.

Several elements were available to be assembled into a model system for machines of 3 sizes. These components ranged from 40 kg to 50 kg for lighter machines (torque 1’400 Nm) and from 80 kg to 120 kg for heavy machines (torque 5’000 Nm).

Not to forget the tools, drilling and lining tubes, which can easily weigh one tonne! This construction requires that rods, hammers and tubes are
perfectly matched to the drill.

The drilling process is different compared to tracked machines. Therefore, we offer advice, the necessary tools and equipment for
each application.

Lightweight, portable chain feed, fully pneumatic, ideal for all handy drilling operations; can be used with down-the-hole hammer as well as with drill hammer. Uncoiled for easy mounting on any type of scaffolding;

Suitable for wall work.– Chain feed, fixing plate for scaffolding tubes, combination guide

retraction force 7 kN / 6 bar.
– Rotary head 900 Nm / 6 bar
– Control battery with oiler and hoses
– Telescopic support 2.2 – 3.6 m

Mounty 90L package
– Mounty 90L, feed length 1.30, 1.80 or 2.4 m
– Rotary head NLL
– Control panel SLL
– Rack back stay

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