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The oscillating tracks and flexible kinematic makes the M9 XP-2 a highly manoeuvrable machine and easy to set up on challenging ground.
  • 209 kW

    Engine Power

  • 100 kN

    Extraction Force

  • 100 kN

    Crowd Force

  • 30000 Nm

    Rotary Head Torque

  • 5400-8400

    Stroke of Rotary

  • 60-305

    Clamp Diameters

  • 160 RPM

    Rotary Head Max Drilling Speed

  • 21 T

    Operating Weight

  • 2500 MM

    Width Of Crawer

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The Casagrande M9XP-2 is an hydraulic drill rig ideal for the projects in the field of foundation and is suited for constructing anchors, micropiles. and jet grouting.
A machine engineered for the most demanding conditions with particular emphasis on performance efficiency, reliability and economy.

The M9 XP-2 is easy to truck and manoeuver thanks to the ergonomic remote control and the handy console on board. Available in hydraulic and full radio-controlled version, the M9 XP-2.


The Smart Power Management (SPM) is an intelligent engine power management system that improves machine performances and productivity. The SPM system monitors power flows and allocates maximum available power to the required function.


The M9 XP-2 has very low-level sound emissions due to the use of sound-absorbing materials and smart oil heat exchangers. Fan speed is related to the oil temperature thus reducing fuel consumption and the overall noise level. The wide openings of the canopy offer convenient access for inspection and maintenance. The machine conforms to the latest international standards to guarantee maximum safety



The XP-2 hydraulic power system uses Full Load Sensing (FLS) technology. Unlike regular hydraulic managing systems, the FLS pressurizes only the required amount of oil required due to the back-action between pumps and distributors. It allows management of the power demands and reduces power loss, achieving up to a 25% fuel saving (calculated on the basis of a theoretical working cycle).


The XP-2 control system offers the following advantages: – Monitoring of all working function, Diagnostic of the working systems ensuring continuous monitoring of sensors and components, Easy conversion into any drilling arrangement, User-friendly customization of working functions e.g. mappings of torque and speed for EP rotary head, Remote rigs assistance, Monitoring of working parameters with the new Casagrande FleetMaster online platform.

Engine power 209 kW 280 HP
Width of crawler 2500 mm 8.2 ft
Stroke of rotary head 5400 ÷ 8400 mm 17.7 ÷ 27.6 ft
Extraction force 100 kN 22,480 lbf
Crowd force 100 kN 22,480 lbf
Diameters 101 ÷ 508 mm 4 ÷ 20 in
Torque 30000 Nm 22,127 lb/ft
Max. Drilling speed 160 rpm 160 rpm
Weight in working condition 21000 kg 46,300 lbs

Optional Equipment

    • 1 “EP” ROTARY HEAD WITH ELECTRO-PROPORTIONAL CONTROL OF DISPLACEMENT It is possible to define different settings to the requirement of the job site or the operator’s requests
    • 2 HEAVY DUTY MODULAR MAST Extraction force 100 kN, stroke of single rotary head 5.4 m
    • 3 MAST SUPPORT WITH STURDY STRUCTURE Continuous movements +/- 93° without stops and without manual operation
    • 4 SLIDING CLAMP UNIT TYPE M2Z-M2SZ Extraxction stroke 1000 mm, Clamping force 159 kN, diameter 40 ÷ 254 mm
    • 5 OSCILLATING TRACKS Oscillating traks +14° / -11°
    • 6 POWERFUL DIESEL ENGINE Power 209 kW at 2200 rpm
    • 7 SPM – SMART POWER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Full load sensing hydraulic
    • 8 RADIO REMOTE CONTROL A single radio remote control for all operations of drilling and positioning

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