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Brand: Lumesa Drilling Technology


Lumesa SA was founded on July 7, 1980.

In 1986, Lumesa SA built the first series of 6 light drill mast units, which were conceived the previous year for building anchored avalanche shelters. The SIG MOUNTY brand was born. In the following years, these pneumatic drill masts were also used for dams, weirs, tunnels, bridges and historic buildings.  The SIG MOUNTY 92H hydraulic drill mast was introduced on the market.

In 2001, Lumesa SA obtained an ISO certification and an EU certification from the Munich Civil Engineering Association.

In 2018, Lumesa AG was incorporated by Küchler Technik AG and there has been a change in the management. For Lumesa AG this integration is the key to ensure the continuity of the company and to develop and expand its customer base.

Lumesa AG is a reliable partner for over 40 years, with development, assembly and service departments in = (Switzerland). Production has been outsourced to Swiss suppliers, which guarantees high quality and short delivery times. Drilling machines from Lumesa SIG MOUNTY work on all continents to the full satisfaction of our customers and for the benefit of the population in developing countries.