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Casagrande C30 classic piling rig
  • 186 kW

    Engine Power

  • 140 kN

    Extraction Force

  • 1200 MM

    Rotary Diameter

  • 42.3 M

    Rotary Depth

  • 600 MM

    Shoes Width

  • 150 kN

    Main Line Pull

  • 70 kN

    Aux Line Pull

  • 90 kN

    Crowd Force

  • 2500 MM

    Stroke Force

  • 125 kNm

    Rotary Head Torque

  • 33 RPM

    Drilling Speed

  • 35 T

    Operating Weight

  • 2500-3700 MM

    Width Of Crawer

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Casgrande C30 Classic Series

Casagrande’s new series of Classic hydraulic piling rigs are designed and built using the latest techniques. A range of machines engineered to satisfy the needs of the most demanding contractor with emphasis on performance, reliability and economy.

Keep the operator happy in a comfortable working environment” is our formula for added productivity. The C20 is designed to satisfy the European Union standards on safety and is manufactured to comply with the ISO 9001 requirements on quality.



The above in mind the Classic series has been modified to perform the core foundatoon drilling techniques of LDP (Large diameter piling) and CFA (Continous flight auger) only.  Concentrating on productivity simple yet robust control systems with modern engines and pwer systems.

Technical Data

C30 Piling Rig EU USA
Max depth 42,3 m 139 ft
Max diameter 1200 mm 47 in
Max depth C.F.A. 20,2 m 66,3 ft
Max diameter C.F.A. 800 mm 31 in
Engine power 186 kW 249 HP
Width of crawler 2500÷3700 mm 8.2÷12.1 ft
Shoes width 600 mm 24 in
Line pull 150 kN 33,720 lbf
Line pull 70 kN 15,740 lbf
Extraction force 140 kN 31,740 lbf
Crowd force 90 kN 20,230 lbf
Stroke 3500 mm 11.5 ft
Torque 125 kNm 92,200 lbf·ft
Drilling speed 33 rpm 33 rpm
Weight in working condition 35000 Kg 77,160 lbs

Optional Equipment


    • Lateral catwalks and handrails
    • Cab front board
    • Water pre-heating system for starting engine at low temperatures
    • Automatic centralized greasing system
    • Video unit with two cameras and one 7” monitor to control winches and the rear of the machine
    • Casagrande FleetMaster remote rig control and monitoring via internet
    • Transport kit according to required transport configuration


    • Cardanic joint for rotary head
    • Hook on auxiliary line

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