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B125 XP-2 CFA

Casagrande B125XP-2 in CFA is a machine for large diameter rotary & CFA piling
  • 186 kW

    Engine Power

  • 560 kN

    Extraction Force

  • 800 MM

    CFA Diameter

  • 23.6 M

    CFA Depth

  • 600 MM

    Shoes Width

  • 165 kN

    Main Line Pull

  • 73 kN

    Aux Line Pull

  • 56 kN

    Crowd Force

  • 135 kNm

    Rotary Head Torque

  • 30 RPM

    Drilling Speed

  • 40 T

    Operating Weight

  • 2500-3700 MM

    Width Of Crawer

  • 22.4 MM

    Length Of Auger Cleaning Stroke

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The Casagrande B125 XP-2 is a multifunction machine designed to drill boreholes, to insert and extract casings, to power a casing oscillator, for piling by the continuous flight auger method and ready for conversion in
diaphragm wall equipment.

Designed to work on the most difficult sites and has excellent technical characteristics: 165 kN high speed winches for fast work, the new H14 rotary head has a maximum torque output of 135 kNm and speed up to 30 rpm,  it is ideal for drilling large and small diameter boreholes and for driving long casings.

The Smart Power Management (SPM) is an intelligent engine power management system that improves performance and productivity of the machine. The SPM system monitors the instantaneous power flows from the engine and  immediately allocates the maximum power to the required functions.

The XP hydraulic power system uses Full Load Sensing (FLS) technology. Unlike more common hydraulic management systems, the FLS system only supplies the required amount of oil requested by the functions thanks to the interaction between pumps and distributors. It allows optimal management of the power demands and reduces losses, achieving up to the 25% of fuel saving (calculated on the basis of a theoretical working cycle).

Casagrande FleetMaster is the online platform that allows you to remotely control your fleet simply by connecting with a PC, tablet or mobile phone.
You will be able to have a complete and detailed overview of your rig:

daily activity, time charts, rig position and status
machine and fleet position
active alarms and alarm history
record of all the significant data
hydraulic and electric schematics, user’s manual, spare parts.

The XP control system offers the following advantages for the operator and the work supervisor:
Monitoring of all working functions, diagnosis of the working systems to ensure the constant monitoring of the status of sensors and components.
Easy conversion to any drilling arrangement with no need for manual intervention.
User friendly customization of the working parameters and remote rig assistance, diagnostics and monitoring of working parameters.

The operators cabin is ergonomically designed and the canopy is manufactured using sound absorbing materials for a reduction in noise.
Smart oil heat exchangers are also used, meaning that fan speed is always related to oil temperature, reducing fuel consumption and the overall noise level of the cooling system.

The B125XP-2 is designed to satisfy the European Union standards on safety and is manufactured to comply with the ISO 9001 requirements on quality.

The canopy design of the B125XP-2 offers maximum accessibility and safety for maintenance tasks:

Side door with automatic electro-hydraulic openings
Complete opening of the engine and winches compartment for maximum accessibility
Side folding ramps (as option)
The lifting sides become safety rails during maintenance activities on the upper structure.

Technical Data

B125 XP-2 – CFA EU USA
Max depth C.F.A. 23,6 m 77.4 ft
Max diameter C.F.A.8 800 mm 31.5 in
Engine power 209 kW 280 HP
Width of crawler 2500÷3700 mm 8.2÷12.1 ft
Shoes width 600 mm 24 in
Line pull 165 kN 37,100 lbf
Line pull 73 kN 16,400 lbf
Extraction force 560 kN 125,900 lbf
Crowd force 56 kN 12,600 lbf
Stroke 18000 mm 59 ft
Torque 135 kNm 99,570 lbf·ft
Drilling speed 30 rpm 30 rpm
Weight 39 t 78,400 lbs

Standard Equipment

      • SPM control system – Smart Power Management
      • 12″ touch screen display for visualization and drilling parameter settings
      • Mast lifting and lowering aid
      • Drilling depth measurement and automatic mast verticality control
      • Automatic idling mode with engine start/stop for fuel saving
      • Rotary shaking system for tool discharge
      • Hook on auxiliary line
      • Protective roof guard (FOPS compliant)
      • Air condition system
      • Cab side catwalk
      • Electric refuelling pump


    • Undercarriage with 800 mm wide track shoes
    • Lateral catwalks and handrails
    • Railings on upper structure
    • Cab front board
    • Water pre-heating system for starting engine at low temperatures
    • Automatic centralized greasing system
    • Cable remote control for tracking
    • Video unit with two cameras and one 7″ monitor to control winches and the rear of the machine
    • Automatic self-alignment on drilling
    • Casagrande FleetMaster remote rig control and monitoring via internet
    • Transport kit according to required transport configuration


    • Rotating CFA cleaner hydraulically operated
    • Star CFA cleaner
    • CFA guide with hydraulic opening
    • Crowd winches for CFA. Max crowd force 2 x 23 = 46
    • Hydraulic vibrator for cages
    • Instrument for measuring, displaying and recording of drilling parameters. The instrument is complete with software for processing the data on a PC
    • Instrument for continuous extraction of CFA


    • Undercarriage with 800 mm wide track shoes
    • Low headroom arrangement
    • Cardanic joint for rotary head
    • Smart lowering and overload protection for main winch
    • Main free fall winch 135 kN nominal line pull
    • Arrangement for casing oscillator
    • Casing oscillator up to GLL 1300

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