PTC Fayat Piling Rigs

Technical Data

Piling Rigs
ModelsPR16 / PR16S
Engine Power (kW)403 / 470
Engine ModelCaterpillar C15 IIIA /IIIB
Extraction force (Vibro)225 / 240 kN
Crowd Force (Vibro)180 / 200 kN
Pile Length (m)18.1 - 20.6 / 18.1 / 20.6
Stroke (m)19
operating weight (kg)59,700 / 60,600
Transport Weight (kg)56,000 / 56,300
Models16RHFV / 20RHFV
Eccentric Moment (m.kg)0-16 / 0-20
Centrifugal Force (kN)946 / 1183
Frequency (Hz)38.3 /38.3
Hydraulic Power (kW)287 / 335
Centre Width (mm)450 / 450
Vibrodriver Weight (kg)3700 / 4250
Working Radius (m)4.27 - 5.77 / 4.27 - 5.77
Piling Applications:
For Sheet PilesAgriplex 120t / Agriplex 170t
For CasingsDuplix 2 x 55t / Duplex 2 x 85t
For Concrete/Wood PilesMultigrip 120t / Multigrip 180t
Other Operating Modes
HV Viro DrivesHydraulic Hammers
Hydraulic PressPre Drilling


PTC Piling Rigs have been designed to offer multiple piling possibilities and to obtain the highest productivity in piling jobs using: Vibrodrivers, Hydraulic Hammers and Hydraulic Press.

This range of Piling Rig models offer a working area of 360° around the undercarriage. They feature as well an outstanding mobility and freedom of movements, which allows them to be easily positioned on the job site, thus saving considerable working time.

- Quick set-up from the transport to the working position
- No time spent on installing guides. The leader mast serves as a guidance for the piles and guarantees verticality.
- Faster pile driving and extraction, thanks to the additional force of the mast pull-down (20t) and pull-up force (24t).
-Accurate pile positioning and high productivity thanks to the rotating mast.
- The carrier's high engine power (403- 470 kW) supplies optimal power to the different piling tools, even under difficult soil conditions.

Interchangeable Piling Equipement :
PTC Piling rigs can work various piling tools mounted on the leader mast : Vibrodrivers, Hydraulic Hammers and Hydraulic Press.

Leader Mast:
360° working area around the undercarriage
Automatic adjustement of mast verticality
Leader side rotation up to 100° with the piling tool fitted
Leader mast length can be increased by 2.5m (Optional)
Jib :
For handling the piling tool (up to 6 tons) prior to its installation on the leader
For handling profiles
Patented Door System:
Both doors of the carrier slide automatically upwards leaving a wide opening to access all hydraulic components and engine bay, which facilitates interventions on the job site.

Cabin combining Intelligence & Simplicity:
All pile driving works are controlled from the cabin :

Colour LCD touch screen displays real-time performance
Automatic tool configuration
Trouble description and diagnosis
Monitoring systems :
Vibmaster: for Vibrodriver configuration
Vibhammer: for hammer configuration

Monitoring System
The Piling Rig parameters can be controlled or modified through a large LCD touch screen, which adapts the machine to your job site conditions.

To switch the pile driving tool, the operator selects the tool on the screen and the machine settings change immediately to start working with the new equipment.

Advanced machine diagnosis is provided through the LCD screen , making trouble shooting easier.


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