Technical Data

TypeCUMMINS B 6.7 Stage V
Power @ 2200rpm209 kW
Undercarriage width2500 mm
Length of track3560 mm
Track width600 mm
Type12000MR / 10000MR
Stroke of rotary head10000 / 8000 mm
Extraction / crowd force86.5 / 86.5k N
Extraction / crowd speed60 (91) / 60 (91) m/min
TypeM2ZS / M4S / M5S / M6S / M7S
Diameters40-254 / 60-305 / 89-406 / 152-508 / 178-610 mm
TypeT20EP / T2500EP / T3000EP / T5000EP
Max torque15210 / 20000 / 30000 / 55000 Nm
Max drilling speed400 / 226 / 160 / 50 rpm
In working condition23000 - 26000 kg


The C8XP2 is the new Casagrande drill rig designed and manufactured to tackle the larger projects in the field of foundation and is suited to the construction if anchors and micropiles and for jet-grouting.

The C8XP2 undercarriage is connected to the rigs upper structure by a ring making the machine highly manoeuvrable and easy to set up even on the most confined sites.
The SPM - Smart Power Management and the Full Load Sensing hydraulic system allows intelligent engine power management to improve performance of the machinery and reduce fuel consumption. Available in hydraulic and full radio-controlled version.
SPM monitors the momentary power flows and immediately allocates the available power to the different jobs, so the operation function always has the maximum power available.
The FLS technology pressurises only the required amount of oil requested by the user due to the back action between pumps and distributors. This manages the power demands and reduces dissipation's, achieving up to 25% fuel savin.
The C8XP2 has a very low sound emission level as a result of the use of sound-absorbing materials and smart oil heat exchangers where fan speed is related to oil temperature. The machine layout and wide opening of the canopy offer easy access for inspection and maintenance.
The XP2 control system monitors all working functions including the sensors and component status. The rig will easily convert to any drilling arrangement simply using the control system with no need for manual intervention. The new Casagrande Live Dash-board enables remote rig assistance, diagnostics, and monitoring of the working parameters. Using the XP2 control system, the rig is easily converted into any drilling arrangement with no manual intervention. The operator can also customise and monitor all working parameters, operate remote rig assistance and run diagnostics with the Casagrande Live Dashboard.


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