HD4008/10 Hydraulic Drifter

Technical Data

Max Hydraulic Pressure160 -200 bar
Oil Capacity40-55 / 70-85 lpm
Single blow energy320 / 500 Nm
Number blows per min2500 / 2400
HD4008 Low Pressure Motors
Max Torque10.1 kNm
@ Speed 38 rpmType D Motor
Max Rotation Speed360 rpm
@Torque 1.06 kNmType D Motor
HD2010 Low Pressure Motors
Max Torque11 kNm
@ Speed 43 rpmType 98 Motor
Max Rotation Speed174 rpm
@Torque 2.7 kNmMotor Type 95
Max oil pressure200 bar
Max oil flow120 lpm
HD4008 High Pressure Motors
Max Rotation Speed247 rpm
@Torque 3.07 kNmType HP34TS Motor
Max Torque6.42 kNm
@ Speed 118 rpmType HP48TS Motor
HD4010 High Pressure Motors
Max Rotation Speed214 rpm
@Torque 3.5 kNmType HP34TS Motor
Max Torque10.7 kNm
@ Speed 70 rpmType HP34TS Motor
Maximum Pressure280 bar
Max oil flow170 lpm


The HD4008 / 10 Hydraulic Drifter, Rotary Head, is a modular and compact design requiring only a small area. Optionall with integral flushing via a shank adaptor.

Design features:

Modular and compact design requires only small room, optionally with integrated flushing via shank adapter

Wear reducing damping system to support easy dismounting of the drilling tools under most difficult conditions

Efficient percussion control by optimised pilot oil flow and by practical assembly

Optimal utilization of the drill power by control of the percussion frequency and the percussion energy to all working conditions

Compatible to drill rigs of lower class of weight and of all manufacturers for different applications and requirements


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