Jet Grouting

Technical Data

Torque / Dia.12160Nm / 90mm
Stroke / Depth3350mm / 12m
Torque / Dia.15210Nm / 114-200m
Stroke / Depth6700mm / 17m
Torque / Dia.15210Nm / 114-200m
Stroke / Depth6700mm / 18m
Torque / Dia.15210Nm / 114-200m
Stroke / Depth10000mm / 26.6-43.6m
Torque / Dia.15200Nm / 114-200m
Stroke / Depth10000mm / 26.6-43.6m
Torque / Dia.15200Nm / 114-200m
Stroke / Depth10000mm / 26.6-43.6m
Torque / Dia.15200Nm / 114-200m
Stroke / Depth16000mm / 36-54m
Torque / Dia.20000Nm / 114-200m
Stroke / Depth13500mm / 32-68m


When civil engineering works require soil improvement to build new structures or to restore existing ones, Jet Grouting is applied.

Soil improvement consists of modifying and increasing the mechanical characteristic, the compressive strength and the modulus of elasticity whilst decreasing the permeability of the natural soil.
Jet Grouting is a modern, fast and effective method applied in soils and in weak rocks for the creation of deep foundation elements.
With Jet Grouting, soil is mixed in situ directly with the stabilizer (usually a water/cement admixture) which is injected at very high pressure (300 Bar min).
The jet stream, coming out from the nozzles located on a specific “monitor”, destroys the natural soil structure and creates a mixing effect between ground and stabilizer.
With Jet Grouting it is possible to treat a broad range of grounds from gravel to clay. The main difference between Jet Grouting and traditional injection methods is that with Jet Grouting the necessary quantity of stabilizer can
be established before commencing the job, so the final result regarding strength and permeability and thus costs can be defined and estimated.


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