RHV2400 - Vibration Rotary Head

Technical Data

Hydraulic Supply280 bar @ 170 L/min
2 No. Motors TypeHP48 / HP67
Maximum Torque (kNm)17 / 24
Maximum Speed (rpm)132 / 94
Hydraulic Supply200 bar @ 120 L/min
Frequency (Hz)60
Centrifugal force (kN)160
VMS SystemCompatible


RHV2400 EURODRILL vibration heads provide an ultimate drilling capacity with comparatively low power consumption. The modular design allows both a compact as well as a weight saving solution. Besides, the modern design enables a high productivity for most different requirements and operation conditions.


Drilling capacity
Drilling depth
70 m in sand / clay
Overburden technique
Drilling diameter
220 mm in slope rubble with boulders
If it is not allowed to flush with air

-In or close to power plants
-In inner-​city locations

Noise Emission
If the construction project has to be carried out in a noise-​sensitive area e.g. Anchorages in inner city locations

Cost per meter
If drilling performance and profit optimization are a decisive factor

Extension of the drill string
Wear-​free pulling of the drill string

Additional Equipment
Cost reduction by saving additional equipment

With the VMS system patented by Eurodrill the inner rod of an overburden equipment can be separated in axial direction at the vibration - rotary heads. Consequently the full vibration energy will be transmitted to the casing only, so a down-the-hole-hammer can be operated simultaneously.
Advantages of the system
Extension of the application possibilities with larger drilling diameters, drilling depths and/or shortened processing time

Enormous saving potential on fuel by reduction of the processing time

Simplification of the drilling system by saving cost-​intensive DTH bits to retract the casing

Facilitation when removing the casing by reduction of the friction with vibration when removing, as it is continuously approved


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