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Eurodrill are global specialists in the design and production of hydraulic drifters and rotary heads. Based in Germany, With an extensive project range, Eurodrill are a key partner for specialised civil engineering projects and can offer drilling systems for drill rigs and end users no matter how demanding the project may be.

Eurodrill combine technological excellence with customer focused service and renowned problem-solving expertise, thus offering customised innovation at the highest level for worldwide clientele. Research and development is driven by client’s needs and objectives.

Highest quality standards are ensured by using state-of-the-art technology in production, assembly, warehousing and customer service divisions. Eurodrill produce 10,000 parts all designed inhouse, and all made in Germany to the highest specification. Commitment to quality means that Eurodrill are continuously awarded the DIN EN ISO 9001 certification.

Eurodrill design products to last and feel responsible for them until they reach the end of their lifecycle. Should you need support, experienced specialists are always on hand to advise and support you on matters of repair, maintenance and servicing.