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Casagrande UK are the sole UK agent for the supply of Hütte Hydraulic crawler drills for specialised civil engineering and geothermal drilling, drilling accessories and provision of all warranty service.

Part of the Casagrande Group, Hütte is a world market leader in the field of specialised civil engineering products. Manufactured in Germany, Hütte's hydraulic crawler drilling rigs provide solutions to micropiles, anchors, geothermal applications, slope stabilisation, ground investigation and jet grouting with drilling rigs up to a weight of 30 tons as well as accessories for customized machines.

During development, Hütte focuses on high-quality drilling rigs that fully meet safety standards, reliability, performance and durability. Hütte also offers extensive know-how when it comes to carrying out foundation work, with a wide range of hydraulic drilling rigs to install high-performance micropile foundations and anchors in challenging environments with difficult soil/rock profiles. Hütte drilling rigs for micropiles and anchors have been developed to reinforce existing foundations and install new ones.

A large selection of extensive accessories such as rotary heads, hydraulic hammers and manipulators to expand the areas of application is available for all Hütte drilling rigs. By using perfectly tailored drilling accessories, Hütte customers always achieve the best results on construction sites.

Hütte is an established brand in international special foundation engineering, not only because of almost 50 years of experience, but also because of continuous developments in the field of pile drilling rigs, soil surveys, anchors and micropiles, HDI and special equipment. Drilling equipment from Hütte is used daily on construction sites around the world for bridges, railways, subway lines, motorways, tunnels and buildings of all kinds.