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B200XP-2 used for the realization of Displacement Piles

For the extension of an existing biogas plant in Bolzano, Italy, a hydraulic piling rig B200XP-2 is used for the realization of Displacement Piles as foundation.

The project required the installation of 900 fully caged piles at 17,5 m depth and 550 mm diameter.

The Casagrande B200XP-2 is a mid sized capable piling machine designed to drill through the various layers of clay and gravel found on site. Productivity was most important to the customer, achieving production of 210 m per day of drilling.

The instrumentation provided with the machine gave the operator all the information needed for monitoring and recording drilling data and concrete injection of each pile. Full per pile drilling forming data was available through Casagrande's new monitoring and instrumentation systems, CFM (Casagrade Fleet Master, and CDR (Casagrande Data Recording). All run through the same operator control and instrumentation monitor in the cabin with 4G connectivity and Realtime data.