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HD Engineering Drilling & Grouting Equipment (HS2)

HD Engineering, the Hong Kong partner company of Casagrande Spa, has a wide range of drilling and grouting machinery in its manufacturing range supplying not only machines bespoke designed for the challenging rock conditions found in Hong Kong but also ancillaries and applications that suit all of the Casagrande group companies products

HD Engineering Specializes in hard rock drilling, piling and foundation machinery for which they have a large product range covering all forms of piling and foundation, drilling and exploration processes:

  • Crawler Drills
  • Confined Access Piling Rigs
  • Grout Plants
  • Grout Pumps
  • Large Diameter DTH Bits
  • Large Diameter RC DTH Systems
  • Piling Rotary Heads

Casagrande UK welcome inquiries for drilling and grouting projects in the UK.