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Innovations from Eurodrill during lockdown

Casagrande UK are the sole UK dealer for Euodrill specialist heads and we would like to share their success during the last year for their ability to work on continuously through lockdown in developing 5 new innovative drill head products.

The focus for Eurodrill is on efficiency and sustainability, so we are extremely impressed with their optimized 15KW ED15 Percussion Unit, combining anchor and rock-drilling technology.
Inhouse tests in granite rock, it has proved to be the perfect powerful drilling head for self-drilling anchors by exceeding the development teams’ expectations. This was demonstrated when combined with the RH 4 X and one-piece shank adaptor.
Also, the RH52 X Drilling Head is an addition to the modular X-series. A highly efficient, 52kNm strong head with an increased speed and torque range thanks to the new motor driving technology.
Due to its increasing popularity, developments in the field of vibration technology have led to the launch of two new vibration systems, which reign superior over traditional sonic applications due to the lower investment and operation cost.
Firstly, the RHV 32 is replacing the RHV 2400. It weighs an impressive 150kg less than its predecessor, is 100mm narrower, and with a 32kNm output offers a significant increase in torque.
Secondly, the new double-head system - DHV 32 - combines the RHV 32 with the RH 10 X which can be used as a rotary or percussion head. This is unique to Eurodrill, being the only supplier on the market to offer this superior technology.

The Eurodrill team will be exhibiting the new RHV32 at the Geotechnica Exhibition in Warwickshire this July 2021, being one of the most suitable machines for the UK market, and they are looking forward to discussing all their innovations with clients face to face.