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Lumesa mast gets Eurodrill upgrade

This week we have an update from Lumesa SA. Their excavator mounted mast system LDA92 has been refreshed with the addition of Double head drilling with the EURODRILL GmbH DH4 arrangement. This system is now the Swiss Army Knife for your projects.

Drilling masts attachment LDA 91 Mounty
Retraction force20 kN
Drilling masts attachment LDA 91
Retraction force 20 kN
Torque 106 / 212 daNm
Drilling mast attachments LDA 92
Retraction force 20 kN
Torque 106 / 212 daNm
Drilling mast attachment LDA 92 P
Retraction force 40 kN
Torque 250 / 500 daNm

The brand new version, LDA 92 P, now also supports the EURODRILL DH4 double head to meet your overburden drilling requirements.
The tried-and-tested modular design of the new drilling attachment allows it to be converted to the DH4 double head at a later date. The extremely compact design enables it to be operated on a wide range of carriers for a variety of applications.
Another new feature is the optimized walking foot, which can be changed without the need for tools. This new development is complemented by a swamp plate in various sizes, which can be easily fitted if required.

A further design adjustment will also allow the ED15 impact mechanism to be used on the EURODRILL RH4X drill drive in future. This means even more power to solve your challenges. With the LDA 92 series and its modular extensions, we offer our customers a wide range of possible applications. This means that our most popular drilling attachment is truly becoming a Swiss army knife.
The release of the first edition is planned for the end of summer 2024. Please contact us to experience this exciting update live on your construction site.

For more details on this or any of the Lumesa range of masts, rotary heads, power packs and restricted access equipment, please get in touch with one of our sales team.

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Chris Atkey
John Owen
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