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New Casagrande C6XP-2 in-stock UK

Casagrande UK have a C6XP-2 with a large range of optional extras in stock, Westcott. Please contact Casagrande UK Sales teams for more information. Available for immediate work!

C6 XP-2 - Radio remote controlled hydraulic crawler drill rig:

Suitable to perform: - Micropiles - Anchors - Jet grouting (with optional kit) - Soil investigation - Continuous flight auger - Double rotary head - Duplex (optional kit) - Overburden with a Weight of base equipment: approx. 15 tons (depending on accessories) complete with Radio Remote control for all functions (drilling and positioning): - Drifter - Second rotary head - Rod carousel - Water pumps - Tracking

Casagrande C6XP-2 basic machine:

  • Undercarriage with tracks driven by hydraulic motors coupled to planetary reduction gears:
  • Tracks total width: 2250 mm
  • Tracks total length: 3300 mm
  • Width of track pads: 400 mm
  • Travel speed: 0 – 2.2 km/h

Base Frame with:

  • Hydraulic oil tank capacity: 525 l
  • Fuel tank capacity: 260 l
  • Four hydraulic stabilizers.
  • Full Load Sensing hydraulic circuit.
  • SPM (Smart Power Management) control system monitors the instantaneous power flows in real time, efficiently allocates the full available power.
  • Electric System 24 Volt, 140 Ah. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) network which controls engine and all hydraulics.
  • 7" colour screen to display or set all the parameters of the equipment, with complete diagnostics of engine, electric valves, sensors.
  • XP-2 “Front The Wall” FTW mast articulation
  • Soundproofed
  • Electric refuelling pump

Engine & Hydraulic Power:

Turbo charged Cummins B 4.5 diesel engine:

  • Exhaust emissions in accordance with EU STAGE V - U.S. EPA TIER 4
  • Power: 140 kW (188 HP) at 2.200 rpm
  • Fuel consumption at full load: 206 g/kWh
  • Fuel type: EN 590 S
  • UREA tank capacity: 57 l
  • UREA consumption (% of diesel consumption): 7-8%
  • Main variable displacement piston pump:
  • Max. capacity: 1 x 319 l/min
  • Max. working pressure: 350 bar
  • Hydraulic piston pump - max capacity 99 l/min (optional) for double head or drifter

Mast – Long Version

Segmental drill Mast with feed gear:

  • Length: 9100 mm
  • Stroke: 7300 mm
  • Stroke of single rotary head with fixed clamps
  • Crowd force: 87 kN
  • Extraction force: 87 kN
  • Maximum crowd/extraction speed: 47 m/min
  • Complete with hose chain and hydraulic hoses.
  • Low maintenance rotary head trolley on 12 adjustable rollers
  • with lateral movement.
  • Hi speed kit for rotary head movement and extraction force increasing:
  • Normal: max 47 m/min
  • Fast: max 77 m/min
  • Crowd force: 100 kN
  • Extraction force: 100 kN

Safety Gates/Guards

Basic module of safeguards according to EN 16228, for rig with radio remote controls, complete with:

  • lower module of cages with interlocking system, for vertical drilling operation manual opening
  • Restricted Operating Mode (ROM) system
  • Special protective mode for specific circumstances to operate where the use of safeguards is not possible.
  • Hydraulic opening system for safety cages.

Rotary Head Type T20 EP:

The head is designed for the application of the following options: Main features of the rotary head:

  • Gears: 8Max.
  • rotation speed:
  • 400 rpmMax
  • torque: 15.210 NmMax
  • Flow: 170 l/min
  • Through-hole passage: 130 mm
  • Weight: 824 kg
  • Drive sleeve for T14/T20, with internal springs:
    • 2" internal diameter RH 3" 1/2 API regular female thread
    • 2" rear swivel with radial inflow.

Optional Equipment in Stock

  • T40 Casagrande hydraulic drifter
  • Krupp HB30S Drifter
  • Blocking and break-out clamps type M4-M4S-C with sliding break-out clamp, acting as a casing extractor.
  • Blocking and break-out clamps type M2-M2SZ
  • A2 type hydraulic service winch
  • Cat head with swinging pulley, complete with frame.
  • Piston high pressure pump and foam pump type CC30/20S
  • Screw mud pump NG530L
  • 20 l oiler
  • Hydraulically operated 2" dia., 2 line 2 way twin valve - complete with retaining valves and flexible hoses to mast.
  • Counter balancing valve System
  • Cable remote control unit for tracking and stabilizers