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Soilmixing and Displacement Piles using Casagrande B400XP-2 & B300XP-2

> New (Liquified Natural Gas) LNG export facility production with capacity of 10 million tonnes per annum,
> Location: Cameron, Louisiana, USA
> Description: soil consolidation for construction of new LNG facility
> Schedule drilling job: started on May 2019 Scheduled project completion: expected in 2022

Type of piles: Soilmixing
o Diameter: 2000 and 2400 mm
o Depth: 7 m
o Rotation speed: ~15 rpm

Type of piles: Displacement
o Diameter: 600 mm
o Depth: 30 m
o Reinforcement: 2” steel bar and upper steel cage


SOILMIXING PILES ø 2400 mm – 7 m depth:
o Average production 11 piles/day (12 hours)
o Max production 15 piles/day (12 hours)
o Single pile production ~30-35 min
(Rotary head speed ~15 rpm and 35 cm/min travel speed during injection)

DISPLACEMENT PILES ø 600 mm – 30 m depth:
o Single pile production ~40 min
(complete pile including concreting and insertion of reinforcement)

0 ÷ 30 m: silt and sand

N° 2 Casagrande B400xp-2 units arranged with:
‒ 450 kW Cummins QSX 15 engine compliyng with emission EU Stage IV – Tier 4 final
‒ Pull Down Winch – 600 kN extraction/crowd force - 21 m stroke
‒ H47 rotary head – 467 kNm max torque – 50 rpm max speed
‒ (Main winch 360 kN nominal line pull for Kelly bars operations)
for Soilmixing operations and with
- lattice mast extensions
for Displacement operations to 32 m max

N° 1 Casagrande B300xp equipped in Long Displacement mode for 32 m max drilling depth and arranged with:
‒ 400 kW Cummins QSX 15 engine compliyng with emission EU Stage IV – Tier 4 final
‒ Pull Down Winch – 500 kN extraction/crowd force -19 m stroke
‒ H30 rotary head – 300 kNm max torque – 29 rpm max speed
‒ (Main winch 320 kN nominal line pull for kelly bars operations)
‒ Lattice mast extensions

N° 1 Casagrande B275xp-2 with cutter soil mixing

The arrangement of the three units is completed with:
‒ Rear and side cameras with monitor in the cab for full view of the working area
‒ Ladders and walkaways on side and top of the machine for safe access
‒ Hatlapa instrumentation for data recording and monitoring system
‒ Leica GPS system for localization of drilling position

N° 6 mixing and injection units on site

-The job site platform is made by steel plate or wooden platform for access of piling rigs
-Average fuel consumption 50-60 l/h for B300xp-2 and B400xp-2