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C6XP-2 T – Special Tunneling Rig
C6XP-2 T Job Report

Casagrande Spa have produced a Tunneling version of their Iconic C6XP drilling platform with duel power plants. A Diesel engine for moving machine via its tracks along with mast articulation, with an electrical power plant for drilling and front of rig operations.

Casagrande modified and in the case of the mast articulation and power plant, completely re-designed a C6XP-2 for a drilling contract in Switzerland.

The project was to build a machine that could drill in 'Forepoling' configuration, an arch of reinforced inclined horizontal anchors forming the reinforced roof over an existing tunnel that had collapsed due to a landslide

The tunnel diameter of around 4m was to be being fan drilled at 4m steps with a total of 1200m of drilled anchors per step forming overlapping reinforced arches. The steps were drilled through rock using DTH with 2m length, 114mm Casing and 76mm rods. The overall construction project was to drill 100 steps at 4m, 12000m of drilled horizontally inclined reinforced anchors, forming a 400m recovery tunnel to rescue a TBM stuck in the tunnel collapse.

Following the success of the project, the C6XP-2 T now forms part of Casagrande’s innovative range of drilling and foundation engineering machinery on offer throughout the world.

For further information on the project, please download the project report attached.