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HUTTE HBR207 Jet Grout Kit (11914)

Jet Grouting Kit for HUTTE HBR207 drill rig.

Maximum jet grouting drilling depth –

single pass - 28.000 mm

Consisting of:

• Replacement main mast 8,5 t extraction force,

length: 12020 mm, stroke 10000 mm

• Feed chain for above

• Set of trip wires, right and left

• Hydraulic motor for feed chain drive for jet grouting

• Set of hydraulic hoses for above

• Hydraulic cylinder for lateral movement of head

• Trolley for rotary head including slide

• Jet grouting lattice mast extension L= 19.000 mm

• Safety system for trolley

• Centering guide on trolley for lattice mast extension

• 1no set of reducers for above

• Set of hose supports

• Safety system for hydraulic chuck and clamps

• T2500 rotary head, max rotation speed 226 rpm,

max torque 20 kNm, max working pressure 260 bar,

hollow passage 200 mm

• P200 jet grouting chuck, dia 76-194mm, clamping

force 300kN

• 1no set of inserts for above

• Application kit for P200 chuck

• Set of blocking and breakout clamps type M2ZM2SZ,

40-254mm dia with 1no set of inserts

• Lower centering device on mast

• 1no set of reducers for above

• Set of safety guards for vertical drilling only

• Fitting kit for Lutz system (w/o Lutz itself)

• Set of electric and software modifications

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